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RTC Portal: Discontinued and released on GitHub

RTC Portal was first released in July 2007 as a set of Delphi Projects using the RealThinClient SDK for communication and implementing a simple Remote Support solution with Remote Desktop Control, File Transfer and Multi-User Chat functionality. A few months later, RTC Portal was transformed into a set of visual components with full-featured Demo Projects, to make it easy for customers to update to later versions, without the need to make manual changes to their (usually modified) Projects. Unfortunately, because the market for such components is very small and the majority of customers didn’t seem to care much for updates, after 10 years of slow development and diminishing revenue, the last commercial RTC Portal update was released in June 2017 and RTC Portal was discontinued as a commercial component set for Delphi.

Today, RTC Portal is no longer available for purchase and there is NO SUPPORT available for using RTC Portal components or Demos, but the last version of RTC Portal VCL and RTC Portal X, compatible with RealThinClient SDK v9 and ready to be compiled for the Win32 platform using Delphi 7 – 10.2 can still be downloaded from GitHub:

-> RTC Portal VCL @
-> RTC Portal X @

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